Fyrri leikár


Notes on frailty

Sýning af Ice Hot - Nordic Dance Platform

Frá aðstandendum sýningarinnar:

A longing to transcend existential solitude.

Four dancers move between the sublime and the habitual in a choreographic exploration of the fine line between human beauty and failure. The women share inner conflict and friction, but also a longing to transcend existential solitude. Fluctuating between pure presence and dynamic expansion, they get entangled in each other's inclinations and break free in solos. Composer Christian Wallumrød performs new electronic and acoustic music on stage, with the company's signature affinity for the subtle relationship between music and dance.

Physical fragments, sampled from a 1950s iconography, are displaced and fall back to the body's everyday intricacy, with literary reference to French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex. The choreographer's language of movement ambiguously draws attention to the bodily construction of the «feminine», in tune with Beauvoir's situation-based understanding of gender, beyond the dualities between biology and culture. The dancers move in time and space with the precision and casualness of Ingun Bjørnsgaard's compositional virtuosity.